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Chapter Two:
The Angel of Music

Christine lit the candle with a match and sighed. She pulled out her cell phone and texted her limo rider to make sure he was still picking her up. The young singer stared at the flaming candle sadly. Ever since her father died, she has lit a candle every day to remember him. Just as she was about to get up, she heard it. The same faint whisper that haunts her in her sleep.


Christine stared around the room, searching every corner, but no one was in there with her.

“Christine! Christine!” Meg snuck down the hallways, searching for her friend.

“:Christine!” Meg turned the corner and found Christine sitting in a lonely room, staring into the candlelight. “Where have you been?! I’ve been looking all over for you! You were amazing! Just perfect!” Christine smiled sweetly and hugged Meg as she sat down next to her. “So… what’s your secret? Who’s this new tutor that you were talking about? I’ve never heard ANYONE sing that good!”

Christine glanced around the room, and then closed her glittery light brown eyes, and began talking in a whisper, “Meg, do you remember when your mother brought me here to New York to live with you?” Meg nodded slowly.
“How could I forget? You’ve been like a sister to me all these years.”

She pulled up a picture of her father on her iphone, Gustave Daae, one of the most famous violinists in the world. “When father became ill, and was on his death bead, he spoke his final words to me. He said, ‘Child, when I am in heaven, I will send you an angel to watch over you. The Angel of Music.’ Well, when father finally passed, I felt so alone. My mother soon passed after that, and I had no where to go, until you and your mother found me and took me in. Then, one night alone in the darkness, when I was crying in my bed, I heard a soft whisper… a voice.  It told me… not to be afraid. And that’s when I knew… the voice that was speaking to me, was coming from heaven. It was the angel of music. That’s when he began speaking to me, and teaching me how to sing.”
“Christine… do you believe this? Do you believe that the spirit of your father is teaching you?”

“Who else, Meg? Father is in heaven, and he promised me. I HEARD the angel’s voice in the darkness. When I sang on that stage, Meg, I could sense him. Somehow, this genius is always with me.”

Meg shook her head and took Christine’s hand, getting her on her feet. “Christine, you were probably very tired, maybe even dreaming. I know your father promised you… but you can’t only rely on what he said.” Meg took her by the arm and led her out of the candle-lit room and back towards her dressing room.
“But Meg, I DID hear him! I know it!”

“Christine you’re not acting like yourself, maybe you just need some rest.” But deep inside, Meg knew that something wasn’t right. An angel of music speaking to Christine and teaching her how to sing? It just didn’t seem possible. But the way Christine sounded on stage just sounded unearthly beautiful! And also, the singer did seem very serious when she talked about it.


Christine Daae sat in front of her mirror inside her dressing room. She was surrounded by flowers given to her from many people in the hallways. Christine sighed as she glanced at the digital clock. It was ten thirty. She’d been up really late this far signing autographs and meeting people, but she needed to get home. She shook her head and took her earrings out.

“A delivery for you Miss Daae.” Mrs. Giry walked in holding a red rose with a black ribbon tied around it. Christine rose and eyebrow and stared at the single rose.

“Who’s that from?” Christine asked curiously.

Mrs. Giry smiled, “An Admirer.” With that, she closed the door, leaving Christine.
The young girl picked up the rose, noticing that all of the thorns had been picked off the stem. She sniffed the rose and set it down on the table. She then sat down and began to brush through her long, curly hair when she got an unexpected knock on the door.

“Little Lotte. Let her mind wander. Little Lotte thought: Am I fonder of dolls or of goblins of shoes? Or of Riddles or Frocks?”

Christine whirled around, finding her childhood friend standing there with a bundle of roses. He used to call her ‘Little Lotte’ all the time.

Her face lit up. “Raoul!”

He smiled and kneeled down before her, taking her hands. She grinned and accepted the flowers he handed her.

“Raoul! I haven’t seen you in ages! Don’t you remember those good old days? Those picnics in the attic?”

“Oe’r of chocolates!” He laughed happily, as they remembered the good times.

“Father would play the violin!” Christine continued.
“As he told us fairytale stories every day! And we’d go swimming in the ocean!”

Christine giggled, “ ‘No, what I love best,’ Lotte said, ‘Is when I am asleep in my bed. And the angel of music sings songs in my head!’”

The two laughed and hugged tightly. Raoul sighed and rubbed the back of her hair.

“Christine… it’s great to see you again, and you sang like an angel tonight.”

“Thank you, Raoul.” She smiled and they parted. “Raoul… can you keep a secret?”

“Of course Christine! What is it?”

“Do you remember when father died? Well, he said that I would be visited by the angel of music. Well father is in heaven Raoul, and I HAVE been visited by the angel!”
“Oh no doubt about it,” Raoul said as he caressed her face, “And now… we go to dinner. I’m thinking… An expensive steak dinner… perhaps Larry’s Steakhouse next to the river? I’ll call in some reservations for us…”

Christine grabbed his shoulder, preventing him from getting up. “Raoul, no. The Angel of Music is very strict.” The seriousness on Christine’s beautiful face stunned Raoul at first, but then he laughed.

“Well why don’t you tell this ‘angel’ that I won’t keep you out late! Just a couple hours of catching up on life! Why don’t you go ahead and get dressed and we’ll go.”

“Raoul please listen-“

“Two minutes! Let me get my wallet and coat and we’ll be off, Little Lotte!” With that, he closed the door and left.

“Raoul! Wait! Listen to me!” Christine stared after him helplessly. She sighed and grabbed a comfortable pair of sports shorts and a lacy white tank top. She pulled her hair back into a messy side ponytail, with a couple curls hanging out, because her hair was just so thick and long. It was November, but Christine figured she would just pull her coat over her outfit, go out to eat, and then straight to bed. She was already tired as it was, but she was apparently going out to eat already! Raoul had always been pushy, but they were still great friends. Christine grabbed her coat, and began to pull it on, just as something strange happened.

All of the lights went out.  

It happened so quickly and suddenly with no warning or flickering. She froze where she was and glanced around. “H-Hello?” She whispered. There was no one in the room. She attempted to turn her iphone on, but it wouldn’t turn on! She huffed. She had just charged it before the performance! How could it be dead already?! Everyone had already left the theater except for her and Raoul. She put her hands out and felt for the door, grabbed the knob, and turned it.

It was locked.

She groaned and fiddled and turned it, but it was no use. She was locked in. “R-Raoul?!” She whispered, becoming frightened. “Raoul, this isn’t funny! Whatever joke this is, I’m not laughing!”


Christine froze and became white as a sheet. She stared all around the room. No one. It was the voice. It was loud and  demanding, and sounded hurt.

She cleared her throat and asked, “Angel of Music?”

She sighed and folded her trembling hands. “Please… I’m sorry… I was weak, and strayed from you. Please… forgive me.” A tear slid down her face, and the voice sighed.

“Please, Christine, do not cry. I forgive you, and know you shall know me… for real. You’ll see why I hide in the shadows.”

Christine searched around the room, under the desks and dresser. “Where are you?”

“Look in the mirror, Christine. Look at your face… I’m there.”

She slowly glanced at the full body mirror on the right side of the room… and literally almost fainted. Her eyes widened to see the reflection of a man. She turned around, but no one was there. He was INSIDE the mirror. Her jaw dropped and she slowly advanced on the mirror.

This man was dressed in a nice black suit, with black hair slicked back, and a white mask covering half his face.

“Will you come with me, Christine?” He simply asked her.

She nodded slowly, unable to speak. Suddenly, a soft, whispering singing voice filled the air.

“I am your angel of music…Come to the angel of music…”

Christine was finally in front of the mirror, staring at his still figure. His singing was hypnotizing. Her eyes were wide open.

Raoul approached the door and froze when he heard a man’s voice. He immediately grabbed the handle, but the door was locked.

“Christine! Christine, who is that in there?! Christine answer me!” He pounded as hard as he could.

But Christine Daae was no longer listening. She was lost in this man’s voice and eyes.

The glass suddenly shifted out of the way, revealing the man standing on the top of stairs, leading down into darkness. He held his hand out. Christine could hear nothing but his soft, hypnotizing whisper.

“I am your angel of music… Come to your angel of music…”

Finally, she took his gentle black gloved hand, and he took her behind the mirror. The glass shifted back into place, and they walked down the stairs into the darkness.

Raoul backed up, got a running start, and ran down the door. He glanced around the room. Christine was no where to be found.

“Christine! CHRISTINE!”


Well, here's more! This is a more modern phantom of the opera! It's hard to make everything more modern, but I'm doing my best! Anyway, I hope you like it! Tell me if you do! It's much appreciated, and I actually know that people like it!

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